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How To Apply Bronzer

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Initially bronzing powders and liquids can be very tricky to apply and can often end up looking over done and fake. The aim is to attain a golden glow on the areas of your face that the sun would normally hit.

How to choose the right bronzer

1. Make sure your bronzer isn't too dark, as it is not designed to colour your skin but to simply add a glow or shimmer to it. Ideally you should never choose one which is more than 2 shades darker than your natural skin tone.

Bronzer / tan application

2. Keep foundation to a minimum when applying bronzer as this can make your complexion too orange and "dirty" when the bronzer is applied. Apply a little tinted moisturiser if you must.

3. A cream or gel works best on drier skin, but if you have an oily complexion then a powder bronzer might give a better effect. If you are using a powder kind, you must apply it with the correct kind of brush - a wide and fluffy powder brush will work best.

4. Pat the brush into the colour then tap off any excess on the back of your hand. Apply to the cheeks, forehead, chin and nose and blend well. If your complexion is quite pale, apply a little pink blusher to your cheeks as well to give a more natural looking glow.

Liquid Bronzer Tips

5. If using a liquid bronzer, it is best to apply it with (clean!!) fingers. Rub fingers together to even colour then apply to the apples of your cheeks and blend with circular motions. Work towards the hairline. Remaining colour should be added to the nose, forehead and brow bones to balance the tone of your face.

6. When applying any kind of bronzer it is best to being with a light application and build from there. If you make a mistake and apply too much, wipe off with some cotton wool or apply some light face powder on top to lighten the colour.

By: Bev Woolfson on Sat, Jun 15th 2002

More tanning advice

Make sure your bronzer is not too dark otherwise it would just look tacky! you want to look tanned but glowing! :) take a blusher brush and swirl it in the brozer , then tap excess off over your hand and lightly dust it on your checks. suck in your cheeks and dust the brush in the outer side of the cheek.also use it lightly on your forehead and nose! this technique will leave you looking glowing and tanned without looking like a orange!!! :D


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