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How To Approach Mr Right

Relationships : Finding The Right Man For You

So you have found Mr Right, so that's the first bit done.

But how do you actually go and approach such a person?

Well, in order to chat to him it is fairly obvious that you need to get his attention!

Once you have that, the rest is easy as you will soon be able to tell if you are his Miss Right as it were.

So all you need to do is make eye contact with him for a few seconds. If he likes you, then he will do the same back and probably smile too.

Once the eye contact and smile is there, then you know that there is something there.

Once you have the go ahead and he has smiled at you too, then you can get on with things!

Say hello to him and see what happens.

If he speaks to you back and smiles whilst doing so, then he likes you. If he seems distracted or not particularly interested or polite, then chances are that he isn't - walk on - there is another Mr Right just around the corner :)

By: Stephanie

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