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How To Arrange A Meeting Of Old Friends


To arrange a meeting of old school friends, first of all select the friends you want to invite. If you do not have contact details for everybody try looking on the Friends reunited website or send an e-mail to friends asking if they have contact information.

If you want as many people as possible ask those on the invite to invite anybody you have missed off the list(once they have invited somebody themselves they are more likely to turn up.)

If you are planning a large scale school reunion you will need to advertise in local papers/ radio stations.

Select a venue and time that will be easy to reach and suite the expected numbers(Liverpool Street Station at 5.30 tonight is not enough notice and not easy for people not working in London). Give plenty of notice and make the occassion sound fun, remind people about the fun times at school (make sure any examples were not fun at the expense of somebody you want to turn up - as it may put them off!).

Ask for replies, as once people have said yes to going they are far more likely to actually turn up. Send a reminder by e-mail (if possible) a week before hand and another a day before hand.

At the event do not worry about how many people will be there - or how the evening will go - remember why you wnated to meet these people in the first place and enjoy yourself.

By: Michael Flack on Sat, Nov 23rd 2002

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If the group isn't that large, I usually find it helpful to suss out when everybody is available, what sort of things they prefer doing, etc. by either sending out a mass email or running the idea by a couple of closer friends.

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