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How To Ask A Girl To A Ball

Relationships : Love

If you have a ball or prom at the end of the year or a similar formal event, then everyone knows that the traditional format is boy goes with girl.

However this involves the scary bit beforehand that is 'boy asks girls'.

Now for those lucky enough to already be in relationships then it might be fine, but for many this is a really daunting prospect.

No-one wants to go on their own but the longer you leave it the harder it might be, and sounding a bit brutal there will also be less choice, which means that you need to summon up the courage to pop that particular question as soon as you can!

First of course you need to choose the girl. Now it could be that it is someone you really like, but just someone you are friendly with works best. Someone that you don't know at all is a riskier bet!

Remember that they will be flattered to be asked whether they like you or not, so don't see it as an almighty ordeal.

You now need to research and see if it's known she is going with someone else so you rule that out the equation. Ask around!

Then comes the big moment, but don't treat it as such. View it as just another ordinary conversation, and try to get to ask her somewhere quiet not around her friends so they don't see what is going on as this might make it harder for you and also influence her decision! Try to be as confident as you can.

If she says yes then great, if no then resist the temptation to try to persuade, respect the decision and find someone else to ask!

By: Stephanie

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