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Assorted Tips


Helping Tips

So small children can call the operator for help, take a stick a red dot sticker in the O on the phone. Teach them to dial that dot in case of an emergency.

Take an paint the hot water faucet on the bath tub with a red nail polish. Teach them that is very hot water. Easy to remove when no longer needed.

You can also paint old earrings with nail polish. Brings them back to life.

You can paint the ounces on plastic baby bottles, with a dark nail polish.

Use clear nail polish on a stamp that won’t stick.

Repair a small hole in a window, or car windshield, by filling it with clear nail polish. Every time you put some in the hole, let it dry before putting in more. Do this until the hole is filled.

Let the kids play choo- choo . as they push the clothes basket from room to room picking up their toys.

Take a laundry basket to the beach filled with water toys. Then before leaving dunk these in the water to get all the sand off. Then put them in your car.

Take a bag of kitty liter, and place it in the bath tub. Slit it open when you leave the house for a long time. When you return you should find no mildew.

By: Bev

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