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Assorted Tips


Helpful Ideas

Go to a wall paper store and ask if they have any old catalogs. They only toss these out. Get the one that has prepasted wall paper in it. Go home and check it out.
Look for some that has prints appropriate for a baby’s room. Now cut these cute little pictures out. There now just wet the backs and put them on your babies wall.
My friends use to put them around the changing table. Keeps your baby amused during the changing periods.

Also keep in mind, that you can glue fabric to a wall also.

You can use sheets to make window curtains, and shower curtains.

If the top of the shower curtain rips out from the rings, just put a strip of duct tape in that area where the hole ripped out.
Then take a punch and make a new hole. Volla!

Now if you get a spot on your carpet, and nothing seems to take it out. Well where’s your box of crayons. Buy the large box of assorted colors. Keep it handy just for this purpose. You can usually find a color in there to match your carpets. So doctor it up.

Crayon marks on a wall will usually come off with W D 40.

Spray paint will come off with W D 40.

You know those little tiny stuffed bears.
There about 2 ˝ “ tall. Well you can tie a ribbon around their neck.
Then glue a magnet on the back.
Or glue on two if heavy. Put him on the frig to hold messages.

You can hem leather jackets with rubber cement. Apply it to both pieces, and hold to bond until dry.

You can pin socks on a coat hanger, then hang it on the line. Fast removal.

" Bowling" You can set up 10 soda pop cans.
Then let the kids throw a ball at them.

The kids can do the limbo, hop, or play volley ball through a sprinkler.

Now when tiling , and you have left overs.
You could glue some felt on the bottom, for a trivet for hot foods. Or you could break them into tiny pieces, and glue them on a small table, a vase, or a counter.
Or pop one in the mic and place it in the bottom of a bread basket to keep bread or rolls hot. Or you could even paint them with some glass paint, and you decide what to do with it after that.

Kids can stick their hands in acrylic paint.
Then press them onto a t shirt. Make sure you put a cardboard on the inside of the t shirt first. . Do a good job now.
Then give them to grandparents for X mas. Maybe write something like “ My grandchildren walk all over me. Let it dry good.

Or gather up 12 photos of your kids. Now take them to a photo shop. Tell them you want a calendar made with them. Give these as X mas gifts.

You can even use wall paper for book covers. Or to line your shelves.

Put a trash bag in the bottom of trash cans. Then when you take out the full one, just pull up the new one. I keep several in the bottoms of mine.

Here’s the Boo Boo Bunny Song to sing for all Boo Boo’s.
I’m the Boo Boo Bunny and I’m here to say, when you get a Boo Boo I’ll help it go away. We’ll just place a little ice upon the bump, and keep it there, until there’s no more lump.
I use to sing this to my kids, and still do my grandchildren. It helps to make the Boo Boo a little easier.

By: Bev

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