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Assorted Tips Part 2


Helpful tips
Freeze some cubes of black coffee. Now when you have some cold coffee, add a couple of cubes.

Make a bird feeder for the little guys. Take the ends of a coat hanger and insert them into a corn cob.

If your child needs to wrap a gift for a party. Just take your hair spray, and spray the comics in the Sunday paper. It seal the ink and gives the paper a nice gloss. Now wrap the gift.

Spray your recipe cards with hair spray. Keeps them clean.

Spray wasps or bees with hair spray in the house. It will immobilize them.

Use your hair dryer, and shrink wrap a plastic bag around an object.

If you're going on vacation, put a bowl of ice cubes in your freezer. If any are melted when you return, you will know your freezer went off.

Put a metal sliding bar on your garage door, if you are going to be gone for a while. The police told us that there are others out there with the same combo as your garage door opener. Some kids have nothing else to do except, drive around and see if there pad will open others. These cops are friends of ours.
Also unplug your opener upon leaving.

Never leave the newspaper laying in your drive way either. This is an indicator no one is home. Have the neighbor pick it up for you.

By: Bev

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