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Assorted Tips Part 3


Enjoy a cold drink outdoors by covering your glass tightly, with a piece of aluminum foil and sticking, a straw through it to keep insects out.

Now gals if you’re in a painting project, and you want to take a break, just pop the brush in the freezer. Just stick it in a plastic bag and wrap it up first. Thaw it out a bit, and continue. Now if you don’t finish the room in that color, you can pop the brush in the freezer, thaw in out in the morning, and be on your way, once again. I love this trick.

O.k. when your applying an iron on patch, put a piece of aluminum foil under the hole in the garment. Now the patch won’t stick to the ironing board.

You can add a little baby oil to the water, when washing rubber pants. This will keep them soft.

You can get rid of shower door scum and build up, by applying oil to a moist cloth once a week.

You can mix about ¼ cup baby oil, with a few drops perfume, or cologne for the scented bath oil.

To get your rubber gloves to slip on easier, sprinkle them with baby powder.

To cure squeaky floor boards , try dusting powder along the edges.

Clean baby shoes, with baby wipes.

Let your toddler use baby wipes for toilet paper. They easier to use, and will help save laundry.

You can tie a large brown paper bag, over the head of a dust mop. Then shake off the dust in the house.

Give your dog a plastic soda bottle to play with.

You can tie a mesh bag from the tub faucet, or shower head to hold bathtub toys, and allow them to dry easily.

Need to waterproof a mattress? Simply tear open a trash bag, and place it under the sheet.

Play time.” Hawaiian skirt. “Cut narrow strips to within a few inches, on one long side of a green garbage bag.

Fold up a plastic bag the size of a pack of gum. Secure with a rubber band, and drop into your purse. Never know when you will need one.

Hems come out at work. Grab your trusting duct tape, or find a staple gun. Fix it later when you get home.

Static in your slip. Wear the slip inside out. Or use static guard.

By: Bev

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