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Aura Reading/sensing Energies


Apparently aura reading and sensing energies is the most popular spiritual gift.
It's not easy! But apparently there are classes available!
However i'm currently teaching myself. With the help of talented spiritual people who i'm friends with!.

An aura is an energy field that everyone is surrounded in. It's the thing that protects us and heals us when we're upset/hurt/angry.
That's why when you go to lie down, or sleep from being angry or hurt. The aura usually heals your broken parts of it. And usually your feeling much better and much more of your usual self in the morning.

When i first started trying. I saw and felt nothing. I began practicing on my hand.
For the first few months i could see nothing. And i began to give up hope. I tried occasionally, but knew it was no use.

Then thats when my friend came along. Who can read auras herself. I realised how closed up my energy field/aura was!.

Auras can tell alot about a person, if it's big and glowing. That means that the person is happy and energetic.
If it's closed up and looks broken and hurt. That is from the persons past, or present, that just will not heal on it's own, or does not want to heal.

For example. My friend said that when i'm near my best friend, my aura is alot wider than when i am with more people. ( I have a discomfort with crowds)
When people i don't know or lot's of people enter a room, i even feel myself shrink. That's actually your aura shrinking! It makes you feel tight. But You think that keeping yourself tight and to yourself will protect you from the discomfort. Actually. If you learn to control it and spread it out. You would feel alot better!.

I began to meditate. (Will make a post on meditating later)
And then a month later i went to practicing non stop on staring at my hand.
I blurred my vision slightly and first. And saw the usual white glow around my hand. Each say it got brighter and brighter and easier to see. Now i don't even blur my vision. I began to see shadows around my hands that i never saw before. Soon the shadows turned to grey/white glow. That then got brighter and brighter.
I then began to see the flames and swirls coming off my body! I could see the energy force. (Never been able to feel them really )

I am now practicing on others hands. I see the glow if i practice hard on others. But it's still a bit rusty!
I am slowly getting there.
And you will too!

This is just a summerary/basis on aura reading and energy fields. I will make new posts about auras and other things like meditating in more depth.

By: Bonnie

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