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Autoresponders Explained

Computing : Newsletters

An autoresponder is an email list that someone signs up to and it then sends them emails instantly and then on a regular basis.

This is different to a mailing list that you manually send emails out to all members of whenever you feel like it.

With autoresponders everything is set up in advance and for instance the system may send an email once a day for a week to someone who signs up to try and get them to purchase your ebook or other product.

So, what are the benefits of autoresponders?

Well many marketeers swear by them as the best way to build interest and dialogue with a customer. If they read your web page in a minute then leave the chances of a sale are low.

But if they sign up for a list and get sent a quality tip for the next seven days, a better tip each day, asking them to buy the ebook or your services for even more information, then they are much more likely to purchase.

By: Stephen

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