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How To Avoid A Boring Routine In Married Life

Relationships : Marriage

Before you get married, and particularly when you first start going out with someone, everything seems exciting as you do it for the first time.

And you probably make more of an effort too and do a variety of things, however by the time you are married you feel very comfortable around each other and therefore might make less of an effort - and this can apply to both partners!

So if you just spend every night in front of the TV or doing the same old thing, then you can associate married life with boredom.

The key point to realise is that it is not married life that is boring - it is you that is boring for not doing anything different!

Therefore all you need to do is go out and do something, rather than go home why not pop down the pub, or go for an impromptu walk together?

It really doesn't matter what you do in actual fact, the key thing is to do something different to what you normally do, and try to set aside one evening a week for doing something else as a couple to what you normally do!

By: Stephanie

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