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How To Avoid An Old Friend

Relationships : Friendships

There may be times where you really want to avoid someone, particularly someone that used to be a good friend after the friendship has died, and the other major candidate being an ex or someone that you used to go out with that for whatever reason you no longer wish to spend any time with or associate with.

Depending where you live and where they live this can be harder or easier, but there are some general tips that you can take into account to help you achieve your aim of avoiding the other person!

Then it's a case of working out where you reckon they will tend to be, most people have a routine and tend to go to the same sort of places... now all you need to do is ensure that you don't go to those places at the same time.

If you do happen to bump into them then don't make eye contact and if they try to have a conversation then simply say you are busy, politely, and have to move on, or invent a phone call or something like that so that you can't stay and talk!

By: Stephanie

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