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How To Avoid Being Conned

Money : Money Management

Always be wary of extended warranties offered to you in shops that sell electrical goods and the like - they are usually poor value and are only offered because they offer a good commission to the person selling them. Think hard before taking one up - in variably it will be a waste of money!

Also, the Sale and Supply of Goods Act makes a retailer responsible for repairing faulty goods withing a certain reasonable date of purchase. Even then it is probably cheaper if all that fails simply to pay for repairs as and when required.

By: Devon James on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

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The sales of goods act only applies to products where the fault was actually present from manufacture. For example, a cable isn't soldered properly and breaks off 3 years after you bought the item. Now the fault was present at purchase and as long as it can be proved that it was THEN the retailer is responsible to provide you with a free REPAIR. However, the product must be checked by the retailers own engineers, or trusted third party, if you want your own tests carried out you must pay for it yourself..

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