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How To Avoid Being Flamed

Computing : Internet

As any regular internet user will know, being flamed is not a good thing. It?s a great name, as things certainly get heated! Being flamed is when another user complains about your behaviour, and often other users join in. This may particularly happen on a forum, mailing list or newsgroup.

To avoid being flamed:

- Ensure you read the FAQ for the group before you first post

- Lurk for a while to get an idea of the tone and type of messages that are and are not relevant to a forum

- Post succinct messages that are relevant and, to your knowledge, are not repeating recent questions

- Do not spam a forum, or send more than a couple of messages a day

- Do not advertise affiliate links on a forum (other users will hate that and report you for spamming)

- Do not adopt an aggressive tone

- Avoid entering arguments on a point of disagreement with another user. You won?t gain anything even if you are right, and can only get stressed about the situation.

- If the worst comes to the worst and you are flamed, do not respond. Leave the forum for a couple of weeks, and come back when things have cooled down.

By: Stephen

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