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How To Avoid Parking Fines Legitimately

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How to avoid paying parking fines legitimately......

You are allowed 20 minutes extra time if you are new to an area.

A mother with a baby is allowed an hour extra time if she is delayed due to feeding and changing the baby.

If a sign is obscured take photographic evidence as they will inevitably deny it.

With parking meters it is always possible that they weren't working and may well be worth a call to suggest it....

Course the best way to avoid parking fines is to be punctual and park legitimately!

By: Steve Frazer on Sat, Nov 23rd 2002

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Rubbish! In the UK, it is an offence to park on a double yellow line (and from 2002 Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions, you don't need the 'No Waiting at Any Time' yellow timeplate, just the double yellow line).

Loading is a different matter. These are the yellow 'blips' on the footway and the loading ban is always shown on a sign close by.

The penalty notice can be issued as soon as the parking attendant see's an offending vehicle. It is up to the warden and/or local authority to decide if there is any leeway i.e. waiting for a couple of minutes to see if 'loading' is taking place. .

Does anyone know what rules there are on the proper height of parking/clamping signs? Or the size of the print?

I think a defence can be made if the signs are too high, too small-text, facing the wrong way, 'not seen the sign' (a case in yr 2000), and attendant not wearing a hat! (law 1993).

Any ideas??.

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