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How To Avoid Property Disasters

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It is always a hard time when you come to buy a home, whether it is the first you have ever got, or if you are lucky, one in an empire of many properties.

With the average viewing taking around 20 minutes, and property prices still rising, then you should consider using these quick tests to ensure that you do not make a mistake, because the stakes are pretty high.

Wet rot test - slide a penknife gently into the wood at right angles to the direction of the grain. If it goes in really easily there is a rot problem. Leave.

Woodworm - no one wants this. Lift carpets at the edges around the toilet. If you see some, go!

Water pressure test - turn on the tap at the highest point of the house. Less than a trickle? Hmm - the pump needs replacing. Are you going to fork out for that?

TV reception - you probably watch TV. Make sure that the signal is OK... ask whoever shows you round to switch on the TV. If the property is vacant, look at surrounding properties - whopping great big aerials means reception is not crash hot.

Subsidence check - a nightmare this one. Therefore best to check and avoid! Trees close to the property? Then make sure there are no cracks on outside walls from roots, and look for cracks both inside and outside the property.

By: Richard Avery on Sat, Aug 3rd 2002

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