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Baby And Toddler Tips


So mama can get some sleep to, she needs to rest when her baby goes down for his nap.,

Put a fussy baby in a car seat, a place it on a dryer that is running.

Give a fussy baby a warm bath.

Get a bouncy chair at a store like Toys R Us with a vibrator.

Gassy babies like to be laid on their stomachs, across your lap or arm and the head supported.

Gassy babies like to lie on their backs, and have their legs peddled.

Gassy babies like to have their stomachs rubbed in a clockwise direction.

Maalox cures a diaper rash. Just rub it on gently.

So mama wonít go crazy from a screaming baby, put him in his crib and shut the door. But first make sure he has been changed, fed, and isnít hurt. Walk away for a few minutes, then return. Itís better for both of you.

Cut their fingernails while their sleeping.

If your baby doesnít sleep good in his crib, then bring one side of his bumper in closer to him, to about the size of a bassinet. This way it isnít so spacious and scary.

A cold carrot helps with teething. Watch an make sure he doesnít bite off any big pieces.

Toddlers eat best, when given small portions.

Plastic cups make nice tub toys for them.

If baby is fussing, just turn on a vacuum. No need to run it.

Take a fussy baby for a ride. Heíll fall to sleep.

Make a cassette tape of you talking. Play it for him when youíre busy. Then he will know mama is close by. Pop in every now and then.

Make a tape of some soft music and play that.

Or make a tape of the music you played while carrying him. This is the music he knows and remembers. After all he heard it enough.

I even played soft music for mine all night. Then they didnít wake up scarred to death. Itís a frightening situation when no one is around.

You can go to a wall paper store and ask for the old catalogs. Then go through the prepasted section. Look for prints that will work for your children's rooms. Or a nursery. Cut the photos out. Now wet the backs. Hang them on their walls. I even used to put them on the wall above my changing table. They kept them amused, until they were off the table.

Stick your kids hands in acrylic paint. Then take a cardbord and place it up under a t - shirt. Tell them to press their hands really good onto the shirt. Mom you write on the shirt " I LET MY GRANDKIDS WALK ALL OVER ME" Then wrap it up for a X mas gift. Grandparent's love these.

You can take 12 photos of your kids to a photo mat. Tell them you want a calender made. Now you've got your X mas gifts to pass out.

Mine all turned out great. Have one that is an engineer, one a web designer, one a teacher, and one a tile contractor. So I guess we did something right.

Got loads more for another time!

By: Bev

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Thanks for that bev had a good read looking luck. shayla,

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