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How To Back Up Your Email Inbox And Folders

Computing : Software

It is always worth backing up any email you don't want to lose on a regular basis, weekly or monthly or so depending on how much email you have and how important it is to you.

Whilst programs like outlook and outlook express are reliable from time to time they can crash and of course you never know when your computer itself will die and therefore it will be hard to access your data!

Therefore it is worth writing to a CD your important email folder data every now and then.

The files to look for are DBX files.

Search using Windows + F key for find, then search for *.dbx These files are the storage format that Outlook uses for your email.

Then all you need do is simply copy these across onto the CD and write the data it was created and there you go - a back up of all your email off the hard drive.

By: Fred

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