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How To Balance Your Life If A Workaholic

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If you are a workaholic or going that way, then CAUTION! You may get on at work but your health and life are in danger. You only get one shot at this, and if you work to the exclusion of everything else think of all those things that you are missing out on in life.

Here's how to readjust your life a little:

- make WEEKENDS a no work zone. These are times purely for relaxing with friends and family. At least this will give you some separation between the office and working life.

- ensure you SLEEP well. Do not skimp on sleep for work this will mean you focus less and are less effective meaning you need to work longer to get the same amount of work done

- eat REGULARLY. Again having food in your stomach will help you concentrate and achieve more in a lesser time.

- Work SMARTER not HARDER. Many work long hours because they do manual processes that they could automate or because they focus on the wrong things. Spend some time working out what you can cut out and how you can make your practices more efficient. You will be surprised what you learn!

By: Job Expert

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