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How To Barbecue

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When it comes to the BBQ, many people do not know how to do it right and this can lead to problems with undercooked food, sometimes dangerously so.

When doing a BBQ, the key is to wait a good while, around twenty minutes usually, after the BBQ has been lit.

The initial flames that rise up make many think it is to temperature, but not so. Only when the flames have died away and the coals look white hot is it suitable to start the barbecue.

Remember to always cut through meats to ensure they are cooked thoroughly before serving. Any red patches or even pink on things like sausages and burgers means that they are not cooked.

And if the juices don't run clear with chicken, then it too isn't cooked enough. Always be safer than sorry when it comes to barbecues - you don't want to see your food again once you've eaten it!

By: Stephanie

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