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How To Bathe A Cat

Pets : Cats

There may be a time when you have to bathe your cat, and some "how to" advice may be in order. First gather your equipment. You will need a friend, a towel, some pet soap (not human soap), a bucket that is large enough to put the cat into but not large enough for the cat to move about too much, and a pair of sturdy waterproof gloves.

Fill the bucket with luke warm water deep enough to get the cat wet put not so deep her head is going to be underwater. Now catch your cat, when it is eating its dinner is a good time, but whenever she is off guard works. Take the cat to the bathing area and put on your gloves.

Put the cat into the water and get kitty wet. Now lift her up and have your friend to lather the cat up. Once that is done, dunk her back in the water for the rinse cycle. Get her out and towel dry her real quick and let her go.

She will make a mad dash and hide. She will also spend the rest of the day grooming. But now she is nice and clean.

By: Jill Elaine Hillyard on Sat, Nov 30th 2002

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Also, you can fill a tub halfway with water and then put the cat on a lease. Tie her to the faucet and give her enough slack to move around, but not enough to jump out of the tub. Then scrub away as fast as possible. Untie her and rub her with a towel and then LOOSE THE BEAST!!.

I don't bathe my cat, there's no way I could. He used to be a feral cat, before we adopted him, I think it was more him adopting us though! If I put him anywhere near water he will just scratch and bite until you let him go, he's clean enough though, he's always licking himself..

To bathe your cat, use cat shampoo. bathing your cat should be done as quickly as possible. wear gloves and be prepared for bites.
if your cat is fury, like mine- a persian chinchilla- use the blow dryer until his fur is damp, dont have to go all the way! once you are done, let go of him.. in a couple of hours you can give some cat nip to make him forget about the whole depressing bath process.

You only need 2 inches of water to bathe a cat and the water must be warm only,plus you need to put cotton wool in the cats ears as if any water gets in them it will lead to infection,also avoid any shampoo near the face as just a damp cotton wool to wipe will be jus right,and remember to keep the cat warm indoors afterwards to make sure they dry properly.

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