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How To Be A Great Kisser

Relationships : Dating Advice

Hit the spot as a good kisser: recognise that lips can be more important than tongues in a good kiss, and good kissing is essential to a good relationship!

Kissing Technique

Try concentrating on just your lips for a better kiss in your relationship... no tongues allowed. Here's how: Slowly slide your lips together, enjoying the subtle feeling of each other's skin. Lick, nibble, kiss each other's mouths... go slow, and really enjoy the sensations. This should make you more aware of your lips, and will add a new layer to your kissing experience. Kisses needn't be boring; have fun and experiment with your kisses and they can strengthen your relationsip!

It's a great feeling to know that you are a good kisser...

Skincare, spots, lips and kissing

It's important to have good, clean skin for a good kiss. For a man, this means no stubble which can hurt during the kiss. Also any spots and acne around the lips can make the kiss unattractive. Make sure that you treat any spots with a good spot cream and moisturise rough skin to have shiny and appealling skin.

If you have dry lips, use a lip balm, as lip chaffing or cracked lips can clearly make a miss unappealling. Girls: remember that too much lipstick can put him off kissing you as he won't want red lips after the kiss!

Finally remember personal hygiene and cleanliness whilst kissing - bad breath should be eliminating through brushing your teeth or using mints first!

By: Sally Jones on Sat, Oct 11th 2003

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Ok i love this article, i have a boyf but havent snogged him yet, any tips? thnx 4 da advice b4 btw it wrks well good!!!



To Be A Good Kisser Yoo Just Need To Go With The Flow And Realise Kissing Is Just Fun And Shows Yoo Love Someone :]

Okey dont fret!
you don't just wanna kiss any odd guy you gotta find the right one, you'll always remember your first kiss so don't make it a bad one, and im coming from experience, i was forced into kissing a guy, and its not good, otherwise they'll think your fridgid,
1. play hard to get
2. when you're ready wait for the perfect moment.
3. lean in he's doin the same, and gently press your lips against his and then just kiss for a bit.
4. then slowly put your tongue in his mouth while he's puttin his tongue in yours and slowly circle his mouth.
5. let it be passinate.
6. close your eyes remember!
7. especially if its your first time, treasure it!
8. once finished kissing just hug or woteva, make it memorable.
9. have fun!! good luck.. even tho yew wnt need it!

When i kiss my bf, before i do so, i start kissing his neck. I dnt know why, but he LOVEs it.... But the problem is when we kiss with tounges, he can get a bit fiesty and end up covering me with saliva.... Can anyone tell me how i can break it to him that i am not an icecream and that he doesnt need to lick my face off? LOL!

Dear "ice cream face,
i use to have the same problem with my bf, but i figured out a few ways to limit the amount of siliva.
1. try closing your mouth a little when your hooking up. he won't be able to slobber all over you.
2. place your hand on his chest and push away gently. he'll think its sexy that you touch his chest and he won't be able to get his face as close to you.
3. take a few second break. pull away and kiss his neck or other parts of his face. this will give him time to cool down.
4. switch your face positon. if your head is tilted right, pull back for a few seconds, and tilt your head to the left. then continue with your makeout session!!!

Good luck! hope these tips help!!!

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