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How To Be More Attractive To Mr Right

Relationships : Finding The Right Man For You

Lots of women spend ages obsessing about whether they are attractive enough to get the man of their dreams.

So the first tip, and in many ways the most important, is this: confidence is sexy. If you are confident in yourself and your look then men will find this very attractive, so stop obsessing and worrying about the small things, exude a calm air of confidence and the rest will follow.

Also be sure to be yourself, this is equally important - putting on a front is not something that you can keep up and will soon be blown and then it just won't work. Even if you get a man by not being yourself you won't be able to enjoy it because, well, you aren't being yourself!

A good idea is to work out a particular look that works really well for you and then stick to it. Having pride in your appearance is important particularly because men tend to look at visuals.

If you have any particular parts of your body you love, then flaunt them, and hide away those little imperfections with the way you dress - and everyone has areas they aren't as happy with even supermodels!

By: Stephanie

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