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How To Be Romantic At The Cinema

Health And Fitness : Massage

If you are going on a date and seeing a film at the cinema, then there are many ways that you can be romantic.

If you are a man, then you can of course eat your pop corn quietly first and not ruin the film(!)

However rather than try the old cliched yawn manoeuvre as an excuse to put your arm around here, why not give her a romantic hand massage instead?

All that you need to do is hold her hand gently with yours, then use the other hand to rub with your fingers in a circular motion on the palm.

Then concentrate on the fingers one by one, gently squeezing them and applying pressure.

This can feel really good and relaxing and help you to bond during the film whilst of course you can't talk - if you are polite anyway!

Your date is also sure to be impressed with your romantic gesture and your ability.

By: Stephanie

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