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How To Beat A Cold

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Take lots of vitamin C. It will reduce the length and strength of a cold. It will alleviate the cold symptoms.

By: Barry White on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

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When you have a bad cold ,you normally wake up with a blocked nose ,to avoid this rub vicks on your nose (do not rub it into the nose).

There's a wonderful new over-the-counter product called Airborne - if you can find it - it's such a 'hot' item these days it's hard to find. If you can take some when you first begin getting cold symptoms, most likely, you won't come down with the cold. Airborne comes in tablet form that is dissolved in water - read pkg. for directions. It's awesome! .

I am just starting to get a cold now, and I've got hayfever!! I haven't got time to go to the shops now because it's night time, but is there anythingI can do before going to bed to help me feel better in the morning, I feel terrible in the morning when I'm well, so you can't imagine what I'm like when I'm ill..

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