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How To Beat Time


If you want to live longer than your peers by a long, long way, then science shows this can now be done. This is thanks to the effects of relativity, special and general as proposed by Einstein, and empirically proven.

What you need to do is find a black hole, and suspend yourself just above the event horizon - the point beyond which nothing escapes. For a year as perceived by yourself at that location, around 10,000 years will pass on earth. So by the time you come back to earth, you will be a year older and the earth 10,000 years!

The reason for this is that the faster you travel, the less time you perceive to pass. For observers you will appear to be moving extremely slowly. This is time dilation. The extreme gravitational force experienced by the black hole has the same effect as travelling at an enormous speed, and hence time will pass slower.

Although it's difficult to get your head round, the above really would work. So the bottom line is, to live forever, travel at the speed of light!

By: Pete Edwards on Thu, Jun 17th 2004

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