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How To Become A Famous Singer


Once you have the voice and a vocal couch to help you improve, there are some other steps to take to help you make your dream happen.

Get some gigs and put up some demos of your songs on a myspace and facebook page. Ask all your friends to join up. See if anyone wants to become your promotional manager and help you get radio interviews etc. Lots of radios will give you a session or interview if you're any good. Obviously contact your local ones.

Be determined and set some goals. Write down how you will achieve these. Dont be afraid to take risks otherwise you might not get anywhere.

Do some work experience with a music company to get some extra tips and background knowledge. Read up online about the music industry or buy some books to help you.

Think of publicity stunts to get you noticed, or do something memorable at your gigs. Hand out free merchandise such as badges to help people remember you.

Get a mailing list together and collect names of any potental supporters. Keep them updated but dont spam them. An email once a month is fine.

Network with lots of people and keep a database of names and contact numbers.

Keep practising, ask other peoples opinions and change your live sets to keep fans interested.

By: Danielle

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