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How To Become An Actor Or Actress


If you want to be a profressional actor or actress then read on.

Move to London or another major city where you'll be able to get more work.

Start an acting course and learn from the earliest age possible in order to make the most progress in a short amount of time.

Read up online or any books with tips on how to improve. Search the local papers for acting jobs and castings.

Put together and film a showreel showcasing your acting talents, and build a website. Get in touch with any agencies and spread the word.

Compose a CV of any experience you've alredy had as well and send this around.

Network and make lots of contacts. Always accept any invitations to celebrity parties, film launches and premieres etc as you never know who you may meet there. Take a business card with all your contact details and website address on so you can pass this to anyone you meet. Dont forget to take down their name and phone number as well so you can get in touch.

By: Danielle

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