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How To Behave At A Wedding


If you've not been to a wedding before, then it can be quite an exciting but also nervewracking affair: and you're not the one getting married, and not the centre of attention!

So what can you do and not do at a wedding? here are some simple do's and don'ts of weddings for you to take into account!

First of all, you should ensure that you do not upstage the bride, that is a big no-no. Definitely don't wear a dress with some sort of train or anything that could emulate what the bride and/or the bridesmaids might be wearing.

And also be sure to avoid showing off too much of any of your body parts you are most proud of, that looks tacky at a wedding: keep showing a pound of flesh for the beach!

And whilst on the subject of don'ts, be sure not to get TOO drunk that you make a fool of yourself and people refer to you as that drunken idiot at the wedding... cringe!

Finally, don't be upset if the married couple don't actually talk to you much even if you are a good friend. They will probably be working the room and talking to lots of people and will feel duty bound to talk to everyone, and of course lots of people will be coming up and talking to them too.

On the do's - do set out to enjoy yourself, smile and be happy and if asked any questions talk positively about the day, no-one likes a moaner at a wedding. And be sure to buy a gift, even if they didn't ask for one!

By: Artiste

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