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Being A Good Boss - Keep Learning

Career : Leadership

Education does not stop as soon as you have some wet-behind the ears new recruit looking up at you and saying those immortal words 'yes boss'. Rather your education just begins here.

It's a bit like the cliche when you pass your driving test - and they say something like 'now you can really begin to learn how to drive'.

So with leadership. It is something you learn as you go along. And all your other skills should not freeze as soon as you get your own office or other trimmings and perks of the job.

Rather, you should identify the need to keep on learning now more than ever. Work on your weaknesses and make them strengths or at least more neutral!

Always be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things - for in that direction lies progress, in rejecting things out of hand if they are not existing progress, you will not be doing your best for moving the company forward with modern times.

By: Job Expert

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