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Being A Good Mother-in-law

Relationships : Marriage

Many people seem terrified of the mother-in-law and don't get on well with them.

Of course this is a bit of a cliche and a bit of a joke for many who get on just fine with their inlaws. Most focus on how the son in law reacts the mother in law, but in fact there is just as much emphasis and responsibility on the mother in law to be a good one.

So what does that mean?

Well although it is difficult it can mean lowering those kid gloves and accepting that your daughter has made her own choices. Remember that maybe no-one will naturally be good enough for them in your eyes, and so that you would be unhappy whatever the choice.

You must give every date an even chance and not pre-judge them, and only change if there is reason too.

You need to be supportive of both your daughter and her new husband too, as this is the best way to get included in their lives. Don't be negative and critical of either, and always be welcoming - one of the greatest gifts you can give is time so ensure that you give it freely and are always there for them.

If you have other sons and daughters, it is also important not to have favourites. You might naturally bond with one in-law more than the other and one son in law might be brilliant to you and you're not sure about the other - well don't let that show and have both on an even keel, it is unfair otherwise.

By: Stephanie

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