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How To Bet Wisely

Money : Money Management

Back winners! Well obviously that's the best thing to do, but in advance you don't really know how things are going to go, do you? Even sure fire results as at the outset can horribly go wrong at some stage during the match, as the underdogs put on a performance that would have made them champions had they turned out such a performance day in day out.

So, what to do? Well of course the only sure fire winner overall in the long run is the bookie, because people do not bet wisely in a lot of cases. The best time to bet on footie is perhaps last-minute. This is because odds that are set in advance on fixed-odds coupons can't take account of late changes.

So you can make a nice profit hopefully here and get an advantage on the bookies, especially if a minute before kick off a key player pulls out with a groin strain from the warm-up!

Essentially, you should be vigilant and always look out for things that could affect the odds, and then try and get your bet on before the bookies have time to respond. They can't change everything instantly. This is particularly easy these days with internet betting - it takes a while for them to update and refresh their odds, and in the meantime you may be able to make a nice bit of money.

Also, sometimes mistakes are made by bookmakers being competitive or not having a good knowledge of a certain market. Someone with detailed knowledge of more obscure events and who is in form can often make a tidy little sum off the bookies. If you're educated and shrewd in your betting, you can make good money consistently over the course of the year.

By: Bill on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

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