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How To Birdwatch Effectively

Hobbies : Birdwatching

Lots of people take up birdwatching as a fun and enjoyable hobby, that can also keep you fit with walking and traveling to interesting locations.

Here are some simple tips on how to make the most from your hobby:

- Get a good bird book, which has all the British breeding birds and common migrants to Britain listed in it. After all, if you are unsure what a bird is, you want a proper picture, not some poor sketch.

- Start local. That is, start off looking in your garden, local fields and locations, and get to know common birds. Then, once you get a good feel for the birds at home, start moving further afield.

- Buy some binoculars. Prices are now low for a decent pair. Get 8x as a minimum.

- Join a local group ? perhaps a RSPB one ? or alternatively the National Trust and bird watch at some of their great locations

- If you are learning to identify birds by their song, the best way is to order a high quality CD of birdsongs. Then, show yourself a picture of each bird as you hear their call, so as to make the mental link between the two.

Start with birds with distinctive calls ? it can be very hard at first to distinguish bird songs that are similar, for instance many larks, pipits or woodland birds that have similar calls

- Have fun! This is the key. Even if it?s a bit miserable getting wet in a hide in wait of an elusive water rail or similar bird, try and enjoy your hobby

By: Stephen

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