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How To Bluetooth Your Contact Numbers To Your Computer


Transferring your phone numbers from a phone to a computer can be really long if doing it one by one, especially if you have loads of contacts, so if your mobile has bluetooth then here's how to quickly transfer them. This is important as your numbers will be backed up if you ever lose your phone.

You will need to switch bluetooth on your computer and phone, and pair them up. Go to the Bluetooth menu on both devices and there should be an option to 'add a new device'. You will need to make both 'discoverable'.

When they are paired up, go to your contact list on your phone. Go to options and there should be a send via bluetooth button. You should be able to select multiple contacts.

Press send and the transfer will begin. It may take a while if you have over 100 numbers but will be a lot quicker and easier this way. You will have to accept the transfer via your computer. Create a folder and label it clearly. You should be able to transfer this file to your new phone aswell.

By: Danielle

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