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How To Boil An Egg

Food And Drink : Starters

Boiling eggs is not as simple as it sounds.

Here is the perfect way to boil 2 eggs and have each one soft but perfectly cooked at the time of eating.

Perfect Boiled Eggs

1. Always place eggs in cold, salted water.

2. Never use eggs straight from the fridge.

3. Adjust time by 15 seconds for small or large eggs.

4. However you like your eggs the first egg to be eaten should be removed from the water LAST; the second egg to be eaten should be removed 30 seconds before the first and left to cook in its shell until the first egg is consumed.

By: Charlie on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

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Questions about boiled eggs:

i need to know how long to boil 24 eggs so they are hard boiled for egg mayo?...
- Fri, Jun 11th 2004

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