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How To Boost Your Childs Confidence


How to help boost your child's confidence and learning.

How? By using sign language! Yes, odd as it may sound to you, you can talk with a six month old baby by using sign lanaguage. Babies learn to understand us long before they can make themselves understood as a general rule. Using simple signs along with words can help your baby communicate with you and help to remove frustration that might build up on both sides. Imagine if your child could tell you he wants more milk rather than just yelling out testing his lung capacity at any hour of the day.

Sounds good doesn't it? Use signs to stimulate them and help them associate signs with certain activities and this could happen. Also research (from the States) has suggested that the child will have more confidence and a higher IQ as a result of associating signs with certain actions and processes from a young age (keep it simple - e.g. nodding for saying yes, putting a finger over your mouth to say 'shh' etc).

And remember, repetition is essential as a key to learning.

By: Danielle Whiteley on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

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