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Business Marketing: Remember To Spot The Opportunities

Business : Marketing

Many people and companies bemoan the fact that advertising costs a fortune and that it is very hard to market yourself or your skills without spending an arm and a leg.

Broadly this is right - if you think about conventional advertising channels. But there are so many places, particularly online, where in effect you can spread awareness of yourself and market yourself for free.

For instance there are article submission websites where you write an article and submit it to a directory and in return you get a link to your website and space to share your expertise and what it is that you do.

Also, have you considered writing an Expert Article on Tell Me How in your area of expertise? This way you get to use the traffic levels of another site to get visitors to read about you and your area of expertise with the potential to contact you - you get a free opportunity to advertise that may lead to more business for you.

By: Job Expert

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