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How To Buy At Huge Discounts

Money : Money Management

You may have read the tip about how to get reductions on any large purchases.

The tip there was to say that you can get a x% discount at a rival store and ask them to at least match or beat it.

Now virtually everyone will get that discount and then stop there. But you can often go further, particularly on a slow sales day where they are crying out to get some money through the tills.

For instance, sometimes the flat comeback 'I still can't afford it - what's the lowerst price you can do' they may come back with an even lower price or simply say 'well what can you afford' at which time you can state your case and price.

Don't be surprised if many people do come back and offer you a lower price. Some people who are on a commission would much rather get 1% of 50% the cost of an item than 100% of nothing as it were!

By: Fred

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