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How To Buy Lingerie As A Gift

Relationships : Dating Advice

If you want to buy someone lingerie, it should only be for a woman you know well as this is considered a very personal gift. There is such a wide variety to choose from that it is helpful if she has pointed out a particular item, or style of item, but classics like silk nightgowns and negligees are always going to be well received. Don't buy anything too risque unless you are sure that she will like it, and/or you know her well enough to give such a gift!

It is also helpful if you know what colours she likes, but if you are judging for yourself, just choose a colour that you think would suit her, but again avoid anything too racy if you are not particularly intimate with her. Try and get her sizes at least before you start shopping, otherwise this will be hard to choose the correct one.

For items like nightwear her dress size will suffice, but if you are buying underwear then you will have to be more specific, or risk buying the wrong size. If you really want to buy a bra set but are not sure of her size, then why not just get a gift voucher for the store and let her choose it herself?

You can buy lingerie from department stores, speciality stores or even from store websites. However, you should always check the return policy just in case some element of it is not to her liking.

To make the gift even more intimate, you might want to give flowers, scented candles or perfume alongside it.

By: Bev Woolfson on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

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