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How To Calm A Screaming Baby


First, check all the obvious things:

Hunger, thirst, comfort, temperature, nappy. Check there are no labels or uncomfortable tags in the baby's clothes.

If they've recently eaten, they may have wind. Sit the baby up and gently pat and massage it's back until you get a burp up. If they seem tired, hold them close with their head on your shoulder and rock them, singing to them gently. Often it helps to go into a cool, dimly lit room or even outside. As a last resort, try taking the baby for a drive in the car!

By: Katharyne Harrnacker on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

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Try singing to them you may not think that you have the greatest voice in the world but to them it doesn't matter they have a love that is unconditional and they think that you are the greatest thing in the world so go ahead let it out don't be afraid and just think what you are teaching them is verbal skills and another way of communicating what a gift.

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