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Calorie Controlled Diet To Lose A Stone

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If you don't have a lot of weight to lose, then there is no need to think anything drastic about cutting calorie intake. And in fact even if you do have more target weight to lose, you should never do anything that cuts the amount of calories that you consume drastically. Don't go more than a few hundred what you should require each day - if you have lots to lose, lose it steadily over time.

For those with a stone or less to lose then try to aim for a diet that gives you around 1,400 calories a day and combine with exercise.

If you have more than that to lose, then you should actually have more calories not less like some people think. In general add another 250 or so calories taking it to 1650 calories. It is dangerous to try to lose weight too quickly, so always consult your doctor to get some guidance as to a suitable calorie limit for you before starting dieting.

By: Stephanie

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