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Can I Vote By Proxy In The General Election?


There is the option for those that are eligible to vote by proxy.

There must be a good reason for this, an example of which could be that the general election is coming up but that you are going to be on holiday at the time of the election and therefore cannot vote in person.

There are a variety of forms downloadable here:


You need to pick the one that applies for you of course.

In terms of who can be a proxy for you, as long as someone is eligible to vote in the election themselves then they can be a proxy for you, although there are limits in place.

If you are a proxy, you get sent a special polling card which tells you what to do and where to return that special polling card to. Of course you should ensure that the person you are proxying for has told you specifically who to vote for on their behalf. You must ensure that you do exactly as they say and do not vote for them which is an offence.

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