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Capricorn Relationship Traits

Relationships : The Zodiac And Love

Relationships and the Capricorn - interesting.

They tend to be quite cautious when it comes to love so it can take a while to convince them that you are the one for them and to get them to go out with you, if they really like you.

As they are quite stubborn there can also be problems with compromise when it comes to relationships and if they don't get their way they are likely to kick off at least in the beginning of the relationship until you manage to tame a little their stubborness and get them to commit to the idea of you as a couple.

Their arrogance can also be a big issue and they might sometimes feel that they are almost doing you a favour by going out with you - a little hard in a relationship. Indeed the Capricorn bad boy may seem irresistible as someone that you can change and turn around, but the reality is that this is just not possible and you are wasting your time, as exciting as a challenge it may seem!

However, when they are convinced a relationship is right for them, it can be great with a Capricorn as they will become very loyal and emphasise the relationship lasting over th elong term.

They are also adventurous though can be a little possessive when really keen - just like any star sign there are pluses and minuses, but relationships with capricorns certainly tend to be interesting!

By: Ivor Star-Zine

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