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Car Tips


Before going on a vacation, check out your hoses for cracks, and bulges. If More than two years old, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get them replaced.

Flush and refill your radiator every two years.

Check your antifreeze, when you check your oil.

Keep electrical and duct tape in your glove box. A friend of mine backed into a stump in the woods. They were getting a Christmas tree. Their muffler came loose and they duck taped it till they got home. Held great. The tape was a life saver.

Remove rust spots on your car’s bumper, by crumpling up tin foil, and dipping into coke.

Use a paste of baking soda to clean away corrosion on car battery terminals without having to use a wire brush.

When you purchase a new car, Spray the upholstery and carpeting with Scotch Guard. Clean up later will be a snap.

Put and old shower curtain under a baby seat, to catch all crumbs when they eat.

You can clean out all hard to get to places with a q- tip.

Put a bag of kitty liter in your trunk in the winter time. Great traction to help you get out of the snow.

When going camping toss a plastic tub with a lid in the trunk. Then when you need to wash clothes toss in some laundry soap, water and your clothes. Drive around town. When you return your laundry should be done.

You can use coffee filters to wipe windows and mirrors. Their lint free.

You can use a hair dryer on a bumper sticker, for a few minutes to remove them.

If you lock yourself out of your car, use a coat hanger to get in. Take an straighten a hanger, fashion a loop and work between the window and the door. Use the hoop to hook the door lock and pull it up.

You can coat a clean and dry car battery terminal, with petroleum jelly to prevent corrosion.

You can clean leather upholstery with cold cream. Put some on a rag and rub in then wipe.

Carpet stains you can use club soda.
Bugs on cars. You can use baking soda on a moist sponge. It stiffens them up.

Rust on the wheels. You can use an S . O. S. pad.

Car white walls. You can use basin tub and tile cleaner. Rub good.

For interior car rugs, you can use plush rubber back bathroom rugs.

Lost gas cap. Usually the attendant will have it. Ask her.

Need gas fill up in the morning, before the hot sun comes out. You’ll get 5 % more. Gas expands later.

Use Rain X on the windows. You’ll be able to see anything a car splashes at you.

Need your car painted. Call the Tech school. They need the practice, much cheaper, and are supervised.

Frozen door locks, use W D 40.

You can use a polish on your car, and you won’t have any white powder residue.

To stop your car from fading, wax it every 6 months. Wash it once a week.

Caught in traffic snack
1 graham cracker spread with peanut butter.

You can use a dust mop head to wash your car with.

Scratches you can cover, with a crayon in the color of your car. Just go lightly across. Then when you can find a scratch remover use that. But this will do just fine in the meantime.

By: Bev

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Best-ever tip for getting wheel traction in snow or ice: carry a couple of strips of carpet in the boot, and place these under the wheels if you get stuck. Hands up folks, I got this from a 15-year old female after she'd watched me and four of my neighbours struggling to get our cars out of our driveways. Shaking her head, she threw us some carpet off-cuts and shouted "Try these, guys". Wow - it really worked!

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