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How To Care For Curly Hair

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When you have curly hair, you need to look after it properly to stop it getting dry and frizzy. If you have the patience then you can blow dry it straight everyday, and/or use straightening irons on it, but if you do this then you have to take special care to keep your hair well conditioned and protect it from the heat.

Living with Curly Hair

If you decide that this is too much hassle and you would like to try and simply adapt to the curls, then you need to find a hairdresser who will help you choose a style that is easy to maintain and doesn't involve a lot of styling, so that your hair is less likely to frizz due to heat. If you choose a layered style, then make sure they are not cut in with a razor as this encourages split ends. You will have to go back to the hairdresser regularly to get rid of dead ends though, or else your style will lose shape.

Washing Curly Hair

Some stylists say that if you have curly hair you shouldn't wash it everyday as the natural oils from your scalp are good for keeping frizz at bay. If however you do not like the feeling of leaving the house with unwashed hair, then either wash it everyday regardless, or on non washing days why not try just wetting it and adding some conditioner. If you do wash it everyday, then at least try not to use the hair dryer on it excessively as this dries it out. When conditioning the hair, make sure you use a good one as keeping your hair well moisturised will give your curls definition and not frizz.

Stop Frizzy Hair

Another way of keeping frizz at bay is to avoid combing your hair when dry - do it with your fingers while it is still wet to get rid of tangles, or use a wide toothed comb. Styling products can also leave residue, so try to use salon recommended ones with little buildup, or else your hair will be even harder to care for.

By: Bev Woolfson on Mon, Apr 22nd 2002

More curly hair advice

When it is time to wash, shampoo twice, thoroughly scrubbing and rinsing. Then squeeze out excess water before adding conditioner.

Curly haired girls should deep condition at least once a week, and remember that tip about "hot-towels", well, just heat them up in the tumble dryer.

Put some water and conditioner in a spraying bottle. Shake it well. It's perfect if you dont have time to wash your hair in the morning. Don't put too much conditioner in the bottle, and don't spray it on your scalp to avoid dandruff.

Blow dry your hair with a diffuser just until it's barely damp and then take "Scruples Staight Out Straightening Gel" and comb with your fingers through the top layer of your hair and let dry naturally. The straightening gel will not staighten your hair when applied this way and will keep your hair from fizzing while holding the curl. Scruples is the only brand I have found that works and you have to get it from your hairdresser..

Curl Friends makes the BEST products for curly hair. You can only get them online. Scrunch hair with a small towel after washing. This avoids pulling your curl out. Then apply products while damp..

After washing your hair, brush it out and put it into a pony tail. Put a frizz ease product on the ends of the pony tail and on the top to keep the frizz down. In the morning take down your pony tail and your hair will be frizz free and shiny..

I have naturally curly hair, and not a lot of money to but salon products. I have tried numerous products in order to keep the curl without a sticky gunky feel. I have found that Loreal's Springing Curls works really well..

Well...i have frizzy curly hair. Make sure you always use conditioner after shmapooing. Also do a few conditioning treatments every month. Before you wash oyur hair jus put conditioner in it and leave it for about an hour or two before washing. After shampooing when doing conditioner scrunch your curls so the conditioner is soaked in. Then after your hair is washed add moose or frizz ease or a good hair product you usually use. Try use a product that is espacially for curly hair. Then just scrunch it whilst wet using ur product. This will stop the curls from frizzing. Your hair frizzes as it dries so with the products in it it cant because the hold the shape. A hair product that is great for curls that i highly reccommend is called 'CURLS ROCK' by TGI. It is quite expensive but it is very good. .

What other product can i buy beside Curl Friends n curls rock? it is hard to get them in my country(singapore)

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