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How To Care For Your Garden

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Cutting the lawn is a chore which lots of people dread, as the weather never seems to be "just right" for it. It is either too wet or too cold, or in the prime of summer, far too hot for such exertion. But in the summer it is especially important to maintain your grass regularly, as it grows a lot quicker during this time and so the longer you leave it, the harder it will be to cut, and the longer the job will take too.

If you do not have a lawnmower with a grass cutting collector box, then the cuttings will remain on the lawn and turn the grass underneath yellow, so although it might take a little longer, rake them, sweep them up and throw them away. You should also make sure the grass is dry when you cut it as wet grass will clog up the blade and be more difficult to cut.

The lawn cutting season generally runs from March till October, with the most maintenance needed during the good weather. Try and cut it once a week during this time so it looks tidy.

By: Bev on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

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If your grass cuttings are not too long, you can safely leave them on the lawn to nourish the soil as they will rapidly disappear down amongst the roots of the grass..

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