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Catwalk Modelling: Where To Look


Many models wonder where they should actually look whilst on the catwalk. The answer is in the main that you should look straight ahead of you.

Ensure that you have an expression on your face that is not a total smile and not a total frown either.

Keep it serious and intense, smouldering and not surly.

This is a difficult art to get and certainly it is worth practicing the model look in the mirror beforehand so you know what to do when the show comes along.

By: Stephanie

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Hi their,
i am new to this site here as i saw different kinds off modellings work on here but finding it a lil hard believe it or not haha, but i have done modelling work and have my porfolia i realy want to do all sorts off modelling work especily cat/walk how do i go around it :? thanks

Halo... I'm Regina and I'm 26 yrs old. I look very young, I'm no double about it I was born a model. I want to still carry on modeling... But my que is, do have have age limits on catwalk modeling or I'm too old to do modeling on this age I'm.
Thank you.


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