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Causes Of Brown Patches On Leylandii

Gardening : Growing Plants

If you have leylandii, then you will know their key characteristic is that they seem to grow almost like weeds, springing up and shooting up at speed.

But like all plants they are susceptible to diseases and problems that can affect their growth, lead to unsightly marks and worse.

If you get brown patches on leylandii, there are a couple of possible causes.

One of these is an aphid called the conifer aphid, whilst the other is a red spider mite. These both eat foliage and therefore with enough of them will lead to the effect you see.

There are useful sprays out there which can work well, for instance Bugclear is a good one to try - best used in the Spring through to the Summer; no point in Autumn or Winter when it is cooler and the bugs have gone away or may be almost dormant.

By: Fred

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