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How To Cheaply Redecorate Your Bedroom

DIY : Decorating

It is surprising how easily you can change the look of your bedroom by just adding some new accessories, repainting or even just moving the furniture!

Bedroom Makeover

If you decide to repaint, it is probably the cheapest way to change the look of the room. You can change the entire colour scheme, or alternatively just redo one area that needs it. Painitng furniture is another way to give a new look to the room; DIY magazines are full of ideas and new methods on how to add a special effect to your painting.

Cushions can also change the look of the room, and you can buy them very cheaply in many home stores. Shop around for the best bargains. You can buy them in a variety of sizes and arrange the large ones at the back and layer the smaller ones in front. Or perhaps try experimenting with different materials, cotton, silk, etc but in the same colours.

Redecorate on a budget

You don't need to spend a fortune on a bedside table either. You can use two pieces of wood and an empty round bin, by gluing the smaller piece of wood to the bottom of the larger piece, which should be used as the table top. Place over the opening of the bin, and use a tablecloth to cover. Material can be bought cheaply at markets and some habadashery shops, so either choose shades that complement your bedlinen and cushions, or the same material you used for the cushion covers.

Candles also add atmosphere to a room, and there are such a wide variety available. Group together different colours and sizes on a dressing table or shelf. If you have a room decorated in pastel shades, similarly coloured candles will add to the aura of the room. If your room is brighter and stronger in colour, perhaps you could try bigger, more unusually shaped candles.

If you have a collection, display it on a shelf, but be careful not to make it look too cluttered if the items are very small. You could also buy a few coloured glass bottles to display (again these can be bought cheaply in home stores) and maybe add some dried flowers. Artwork can also be displayed here. If you have a collection of photos or postcards, why not buy a few clip frames and prop them up on the shelf?

Decorating children's bedrooms

Children's bedrooms can also be re-decorated with minimum spending. Creating a mirror frieze is a good project for them if they have a large dressing table mirror. Simply cut out the pictures from magazines and use toothpaste to stick them to the glass. Don't worry - when the pictures need to be removed, just use a glass cleaner to remove the remnant.

A pin board can also be created out of an old sheet of plywood if you don't want them to mark the walls with pictures. On this they can stick posters, photos, leaflets and whatever else takes their fancy.

How to decorate curtains

A length of brightly coloured ribbon can be used as tie-backs for curtains. Can look particularly striking if it complements the colour scheme of the room.

Old shoe boxes can be covered with coloured paper or old wrapping paper and used to keep clutter off the desk and floor. They are also useful for storing CDs and are cheaper than many pre-made storage boxes in the shops.

If the child has a lot of toys, a hammock can be used to contain them all and special toy hammocks are available in many toy and craft shops. Make sure it is firmly attached and then they can contain their toys to one area rather than scattered all over the floor!

How to save room space

Sometimes more space can be saved through using a clothes rail rather than a big wardrobe. These can be bought in DIY stores and are cheap and easy to assemble. Another way of increasing storage space for clothes is to invest in a shoe hanger or cloth shelves which attach onto the back of the wardrobe door. This means your storage space is doubled but also concealed.

Children tend to stash everything under their bed, and it is true that this is a vast storage space - just make sure you utilise it properly and don't let everything get thrown under there in one big jumble! You can buy large zip-up plastic holdalls which fit neatly under the bed and mean that things are contained in one place. This is much easier for tidying up and cleaning the room.

By: Bev Woolfson on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

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