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Children's Christmas Party Game


For children a great fun game to play at Christmas is called animal snap.

You have heard of snap haven't you, where the first person to call snap wins when a suitable match is made?

Of course you have!

Well now there is a fun variant on this particular game that is called... animal snap!

With this one all that you do is associate a sound.

So each child has a particular animal noise that they make - like the roar of a lion for instance.

Then when the match comes up instead of calling out snap they need to do that animal sound as authentically as they can.

This is great fun for kids and adults alike and is even a little educational if you choose to teach and explain new animal sounds.

Instead of doing the obvious ones how about doing the laugh of a hyena for instance or even trying to emulate the strange calls of some weird and wonderful jungle creature!

By: Stephanie

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